Oil Seals

  • Oil Seal For Honda

    Oil Seal For Honda

    Oil Seal replaces Honda 91201-Z0T-801/91202-883-005. Front & Rear Oil Seal - Fits G150-300, GV150-200, GX 120-200. 25mm x 41mm x 6mm. Made of Viton.Replaces:HONDA 91201-Z0T-801HONDA 91202-883-005Dimensions:CASE QTY: 500PALLET QTY: 48
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  • Seal Oil Briggs & Stratton

    Seal Oil Briggs & Stratton

    Oil Seal Replaces Briggs & Stratton 495307. Fits Briggs & Stratton 3.-5 HP Horizontal Engines. Models: 80200-135200 Series.Replaces:BRIGGS & STRATTON 495307BRIGGS & STRATTON 555087BRIGGS & STRATTON 495307SDimensions:CASE QTY: 500PALLET QTY: 100
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  • Gasket Intake Honda

    Gasket Intake Honda

    Intake Carburetor Gasket replaces Honda 16221-883-800. Fits Models GCV 135 / 160.Replaces:HONDA 16221-883-800Dimensions:CASE QTY: 5000PALLET QTY: 32
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  • Oil Seal For Kohler

    Oil Seal For Kohler

    PTO Side. Fits Kohler Models: K241 thru K361 Rear Seal, K582, K532 Front Seal.Replaces:KOHLER 47-032-07-SDimensions:CASE QTY: 125PALLET QTY: 48
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  • Oil Seal For Lawnboy

    Oil Seal For Lawnboy

    Fits Lawn-Boy "C" Series, "D" Series, "F" Series.Replaces:LAWNBOY 602632LAWNBOY 605020LAWNBOY 609342LAWNBOY 611396Dimensions:CASE QTY: 500PALLET QTY: 100
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  • Oil Seal For Tecumseh

    Oil Seal For Tecumseh

    Fits Tecumseh LAV40, HS50, TVS105, LAV50, HS50, TNT120 Series, 4 & 5 HP Vertical & Horizontal Magneto Side.Replaces:TECUMSEH 32600Dimensions:CASE QTY: 250PALLET QTY: 100
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  • Oil Seal For B&S

    Oil Seal For B&S

    Oil Seal fits Briggs & Stratton PTO Side: 80000, 92000, 110000, 111000 Series, 2 through 5 HP for Vertical Shafts. Fits Tecumseh PTO Side: V17 thru V30 (Earlier Models). Fits Clinton PTO Side: 900, VS-1100, VS3100, Also 405, 407, 409, 415, 499 Series...
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