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Utility Containers

  • Vp Trigger Fluid Control System

    VP Trigger Fluid Control System is made in the USA and is designed with a patented push-button self-venting control flow valve. It's easy to install, has a no spill design with no external ventilation required. Fits Rotary 3943 and 3953 Utility Jugs...
  • Vp Hose-Deluxe

    The VP Hose-Deluxe works with Rotary 17328 Hose Bender and our 3943 and 3953 Utility Jugs. It includes a hose cap and particulate filter that forms a tight seal with the rubber gasket for secure pouring. Can be used to dispense industrial oils, fluids,...
  • Vp Hose Bender

    VP Hose Bender works with Rotary 17329 Hose and our 3943 and 3953 Utility Jugs. It's unique design allows you to fill your container eliminating wasteful spillage. It's easy to install and fits standard 1" hoses. Heavy duty construction and petroleum...