Trans. Filters

  • Transmission Filter Kit

    Transmission Filter Kit

    Hydro Gear 71943 Filter Kit includes O-Ring. Fits Hydro Gear ZT-5400 Series trans axles. Replaces Ferris 5101987 X 2(YP), Gravely 21548300 & Scag HG71943.Replaces:BAD BOY 063-1070-00FERRIS 5101987 X 2GRAVELY 21548300HYDRO-GEAR 71943SCAG...
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  • Pre-Filter For Honda

    Pre-Filter For Honda

    Pre-Filter replaces Honda 17218-z6m-000. Fits models GXV630, GXV660, GXV690. Pre-Filter for our 19-16009 air filter.Replaces:HONDA 17218-Z6M-000Dimensions:Length: 7"WIDTH: 5-3/8"CASE QTY: 533PALLET QTY: 6
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  • Hydro Filter Element For Toro

    Hydro Filter Element For Toro

    Hydro Filter Element replaces Toro 117-0390. Also replaces Exmark 116-0164. Fits Parker HTE/HTJ/HTG Series Transmissions.Replaces:EXMARK 116-0164TORO 117-0390Dimensions:CASE QTY: 35PALLET QTY: 48
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  • Oil Filter For Toro/Exmark

    Oil Filter For Toro/Exmark

    Oil Filter replaces Toro/Exmark 136-7848, 126-5234, 120-4276, 127-9222. Fits Engine Model LC1P92F-1, 121-3970 and SV820/LC1P92F. WS-5234Replaces:BAD BOY 015-0053-02EXMARK 126-5234EXMARK 120-4276EXMARK 127-9222EXMARK 1367848GRAVELY 21563100OIL FILTER...
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  • Oil Filter For MTD/Cub Cadet

    Oil Filter For MTD/Cub Cadet

    Oil Filter replaces MTD/Cub Cadet 951-12690, 751-12690, 751-11501. Fits 4P90HU, 4P90JHA, 4P90JU, 4P90JUA, 4P90JUB, 4P90MU, 4P90MUA, and 4P90MUB engines on riding mowers. 3/4-16 Threads. WS-951Replaces:CUB CADET 951-11501MTD 951-12690MTD 751-12690MTD...
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  • Oil Filter Hydro Gear

    Oil Filter Hydro Gear

    Hydro Gear HG52114 Oil Filter fits (Transmission Model ZT2800) Replaces Scag HG52114. Fits Freedom Z , Exmark 109-3321. Replaces Hustler 600976.Replaces:ARIENS 21545100BAD BOY 063-1050-00BUSH HOG 50052929COUNTRY CLIPPER CCH-2567COUNTRY CLIPPER...
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  • Oil Filter For Kubota

    Oil Filter For Kubota

    Engine Oil Filter for Kubota. Fits many B, BX, G, F, K, U, and ZD series Kubota's Kubota 70000-15241/15241-32090 70000-74034 Oil Filter. Fits Diesel Engine. Grasshopper #100800.Replaces:GRASSHOPPER 100800KUBOTA 15241-32090KUBOTA HH15032094Dimensions:OD:...
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  • Hydro Filter For Hustler

    Hydro Filter For Hustler

    Hydro Filter replaces Hustler 604126. Transmission oil filter. Also replaces Cub Cadet Hydro Filter PH-411154.Replaces:CUB CADET PH-411154HUSTLER 604126SPARTAN 450-0023-00Dimensions:Length: 3-1/4"ID: 9/16"OD: 1-3/8"
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  • Hydrostatic Transmision Filter

    Hydrostatic Transmision Filter

    Hydrostatic Transmission Filter.Replaces:COUNTRY CLIPPER CCH-2026COUNTRY CLIPPER H-2026DIXIE CHOPPER 68140DIXON INDUSTRIES 7252DIXON INDUSTRIES 539125960EXMARK 523541EXMARK 1-523541GRASSHOPPER 100850GRAVELY 09246900TORO E63-3752TORO 1-633752WRIGHT...
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  • Oil Filter For Scag

    Oil Filter For Scag

    Also fits Steiner, Bobcat & Land Pride. 10 Micron.Replaces:ENCORE 453048EXMARK 103-2146FERRIS 1521357HUSTLER 783936SCAG 48758TORO 28-1370Dimensions:OD: 3-11/16"HEIGHT: 5-1/4"THREAD SIZE: 1"-12MICRONS: 10MOUNTING SEAL OD: 2-3/4"CASE QTY: 12PALLET QTY: 56
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  • Transmission Filter For Exmark

    Transmission Filter For Exmark

    Hydrostatic Transmission Filter. 25 MicronsReplaces:ENCORE 423063ENCORE 423361EXMARK 513211EXMARK 109-4180EXMARK 1-513211EXMARK 1-513211FERRIS 1719168FERRIS 1719168 X 1HUSTLER 768341HYDRO-GEAR 51563TORO E63-3750TORO 1633750YAZOO 101164YAZOO...
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  • Hydro Filter

    Hydro Filter

    Fits Scag, Cub Cadet and Bad Boy.Replaces:BAD BOY 063-8014-00CUB CADET 723-04032AS & H MANUFACTURING 43001-02SCAG 48462-01Dimensions:OD: 3.6600"HEIGHT: 3.7900"THREAD SIZE: 1"-12MICRONS: 10CASE QTY: 12PALLET QTY: 64
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  • Oil Filter For Briggs & Stratton

    Oil Filter For Briggs & Stratton

    Fits Briggs & Stratton and Tecumseh OHV130, OHV135, OHV155, OHV165, OHV175, OHV180, OHV691, OV and VTX. For Bulk Pack, See Rotary # 12861.Replaces:ARIENS 21548100ARIENS 21550800ARIENS 21551600BAD BOY 063-2004-00BAD BOY 063-5004-00BAD BOY 063-8018-00BAD...
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  • Oil Filter For Honda

    Oil Filter For Honda

    Fits Honda Model GX 360K1 (Water Cooled) Engines, Tractor Models 3813 & 4514. Honda Code 3481355.Replaces:HONDA 15400-679-023HONDA 15410-MJ0-004HONDA 15410-ZJ4-999AHHONDA 15400-PR3-004HONDA 15400-P0H-305HONDA 15400-PLM-A01PEHONDA 15410MJ0405HONDA...
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  • Transmission Filter For WheeLHorse

    Transmission Filter For WheeLHorse

    Fits Wheel Horse, Bolens, Cub Cadet, John Deere, MTD, Onan, & Simplicity. Transmission Filter.Replaces:BOBCAT/RANSOMES 48045BBOLENS 172-6450CUB CADET 723-3014CUB CADET 923-3014JOHN DEERE AM-35176JOHN DEERE AM37025MTD 727-0162MTD 927-0162ONAN...
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  • Oil Filter For Onan

    Oil Filter For Onan

    Fits Onan 18 & 20 HP Twin Cylinder Engine Models B43 & B48.Replaces:JOHN DEERE AM-101207JOHN DEERE AM101207ONAN 122-0645Dimensions:OD: 2.9660"HEIGHT: 3.5290"THREAD SIZE: 3/4"-16CASE QTY: 12PALLET QTY: 117
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  • Oil Filter For Kawasaki

    Oil Filter For Kawasaki

    Oil Filter replaces Kawasaki 49065-2078 and 49065-2071. BULK PACK is Rotary # 12864.Replaces:BAD BOY 063-8017-00BRIGGS & STRATTON 692513BRIGGS & STRATTON 499532GENERAC 1323GENERAC 70185GENERAC 070185DHUSQVARNA 531 30 73-88JOHN DEERE AM-107423JOHN DEERE...
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  • Oil Filter For Kohler

    Oil Filter For Kohler

    Oil Filter fits Kohler 14, 16, 18 & 20 HP Magnum Engines. Also fits Briggs & Stratton 491056. Fits all Vanguards & Twin Cylinder Engines. For 12 Pack, See Rotary 12863.Replaces:BAD BOY 063-2010-00BRIGGS & STRATTON 491056CUB CADET 5205025CUB CADET...
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